Download soccer wallpapers and customize your desktop

Are you mad about soccer? If so, you may want to customize your PC with the best soccer wallpapers. Download this free program and get them effortless!

Download Kiwi Random Wallpaper
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+100 wallpapers

Kiwi Random Wallpaper contains more than 100 soccer wallpapers, all of them free of charge. Just open the program and select the category 'Sports/Soccer'. Then, you'll get a random wallpaper related to this subject.

It's all about soccer

Whether you are into FIFA World Cup, Champions League, any major european or south american competition or you just play at a local team with your friends, you'll find something useful to customize your desktop the way you mean: soccer!

A champion tool

If you don't like the random wallpaper downloaded by this tool, all you have to do is search for a new one. And even more: you can crop, resize, apply some effects or even change the main color before setting your new wallpaper.

Get HD wallpapers

All these wallpapers are ready to fit the most common screen resolutions nowadays. They are high definition (HD) images, so everything will look absolutely stunning, turning your PC into your dreamed soccer world.

Get soccer wallpapers for free!